Bloody Akita

Black Halo vodka, house spicy tomato blend

Geisha Cosmo

Deep Eddy orange, Combier, lime, white cranberry

Gensui Sangria

red or white wine, peach schnapps, pineapple, orange

Manhattan on the Red River

Red River rye, Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth

Lychee Mule

Morad lychee, Bacardi, Fever Tree ginger beer

Oni’s Old Fashioned

Silver Star whiskey, Ancho Reyes, turbinado syrup

Papa’s Mojito

Papa Pilar’s Blonde rum, sudachi lime, mint, soda

Salty Inu

Dulce Vida grapefruit tequila, dai dai & ruby red grapefruit juice, salt

Spicy Peach

Deep Eddy peach, Ancho Reyes, lime

TCU Punch

Kirk & Sweeney 12yr rum, Malibu, razzmatazz, pineapple, cranberry

Tokyo Margarita

Espolón reposado, Grand Marnier, sudachi lime


Prices vary, yo.

Collective Brewing Project

Hop Fusion Ale Works

Martin House Brewing

Panther Island Brewing

Wild Acre Brewing

Rotating Drafts


Available in carafe or bottle

House Sake

hot or cold

Kurosawa Junmai Kimoto

vanilla bean & peppery jicama; Nagano; SMV +2

Sho Chiku Bai Silky Nigori

almond & rice pudding; California; SMV -20


Katana Junmai Ginjo

spiced papaya & turnip; Shizuoka; SMV +7


Available in glass or bottle

“Surprise Me” White

by the glass only

Crusher Unoaked Chardonnay

pineapple & apricot; California

Skyfall Pinot Gris

citrus blossom & tangerine; Columbia Valley

Lamarca Prosecco

honey & green apple; Italy

The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc

gooseberry & lime zest; Awatere, Marlborough

Custard Chardonnay

toasted almonds & crème brûleé; North Coast


“Surprise Me” Red

by the glass only

Percept’s “House Wine” Rosé

(can-two servings) citrus & sweet strawberry; ‘Merica

Caricature Cabernet Sauvignon

black cherry & oak spice; Clarksburg

Prophecy Pinot Noir

raspberry & red cherry; California

Filus Malbec

licorice & plum; Uco Valley, Mendoza

Big Smooth Cabernet Sauvignon

Bing cherry & blackberry cobbler; Lodi


Hitachino Nest Seasonal Ibaraki

Orion Okinawa


Asahi Super Dry Ontario

Kirin Ichiban California

Kirin Light California

Sapporo Premium Toronto

Michelob Ultra

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